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deathly hallows

me, my friend and my sisters watched harry potter and the deathly hallows last july 14 i really loved the prince's tale...i'm glad they made that part really good. it was one of my favorite scene in the movie as well as in the book. here's a photo


i love this movie!!

the story and actors are great, i'm now a matsu takako fan, hehe

i liked the music as well, now if only i can find the ost...

anyway back to watching movies.


Jul. 9th, 2010

has to work on sunday.... i will miss the finals!

noooooo!!! SPAIN vs. NETHERLANDS!!!

(is praying that my head nurse will text me saying 'not to go to work'....ugh, i wish!)


arashi + kitagawa keiko in one show is just hilarious! i don't know when this episode of himitsu no arashi was aired.

anyway, i got this clip from azuleanna 's lj.. i can't help but watch this over and over again =) too funny!


tornado tatsumaki

just recently discovered this band... nice songs...too band i can't find any of their albums on the internet...


there's also this japanese band called SPANGLE CALL LILLI LINE, another indie band...they have nice songs as well...fortunately it's available at jpopsuki


...it's been a long time

so, still no internet at home cause of the storm that happened last september...

our house is almost back to normal...thank goodness!

anyway, i watched 500 days of summer with a friend a few weeks ago...and i must say, it was simply amazing, probably one of the best movie i've seen this year..

that's all for now, must get ready for work.

internet, how i missed you so >_<

Aug. 11th, 2009

how come i've only heard this now???? not too updated anymore with a lot of stuff..

but still, season 2 and movie for LIAR GAME!!!

so excited >_<

must check the communities...


the art of seduction



i've been watching quite a few movies lately... top 3 favorites so far:

1. the boy in the striped pyjamas
2. spirited away
3. brick (joseph gordon levitt is definitely a plus factor)

two thumbs up for these movies...totally recommended ^_^


HP and the HPB

watched it yesterday!


enjoyed it more because of IMAX!

yey! want to watch it again, so funny!!!